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Used Car Finance Deals In Wellington & Taunton, Somerset​

We are experts in offering car finance to customers across the UK. If you have had trouble getting a used car elsewhere then give us a call to see if we can help, we have flexible finance deals to suit all budgets.

Buying a car is a significant purchase for most people. Many of us can’t afford to pay the necessary cash upfront to drive home in the car of our dreams. Luckily, car financing allows you to secure a car loan to repay the asking price plus interest over time. If you’re looking to secure the best used car finance deals in Taunton, Somerset, Westpark Direct will work with you despite your credit history. Our used car dealership works with a large database of finance companies to get you cheap car financing in Wellington and across the UK when you need it. Call or stop by today to enquire about our selection or financing packages. Our experts specialise in flexible car finance deals to suit all lifestyles and budgets.

What Types of Cars Can Be Financed at Westpark Direct?

Thanks to our vast network of resources and many years of industry expertise, Westpark Direct makes it easy to find the best car finance deal for you. Whether you’re shopping for a car, truck, or SUV, we would love to help you get the most value for your money. We secure cheap car financing for quality used cars from many of the industry’s leading manufacturers, including all of the following and more:

What Are the Benefits of Financing a Car Vs. Leasing?

Because most people don’t have the cash to buy a new car when they need one, car financing is often necessary to make the dream of car ownership a reality. Car financing is the process of securing a car loan from a lender. The two options typically available to someone without the cash to buy a car are financing and leasing. Although leasing a car might cost less per month, you are usually limited in the number of modifications and mileage you can put on the vehicle per year. That’s because once your lease is over, you must give the vehicle back to the dealership. You are not the owner of a leased car.

When you finance a car, you make monthly car loan payments towards ownership. While making your car loan payments, you’re actually building equity in the car and building good credit on your behalf. Establishing this good credit can be useful, especially if you plan on purchasing a home or taking out a small business loan in the future. Once all of your car loan payments plus the interest for borrowing the loan have been made, the title is transferred to you, and you’re free to keep, trade, or sell the vehicle as you please. Car insurance premiums are also usually lower when financing a vehicle than when leasing.

How Do You Secure the Best Used Car Finance Deals?

Westpark Direct works with a diverse group of financing companies to secure exceptional used car finance deals in Taunton, Somerset. We handle all financing negotiations on your behalf, working with you from start to finish in the car buying process. How our car financing process works:

  • Find Your Dream Car – Browse our wide selection of quality used cars in Wellington near Taunton, Somerset in-person or online. Once you’ve made your dream car selection, our car financing experts will sit down with you to go over the paperwork.
  • Choose a Finance Deal – We work with many lenders to offer you a variety of car finance deals. Once we’ve decided which is best for you, we can walk you through the approval process. We’re also here to help you sign all the necessary car loan documents, dotting all the I’s and crossing all the T’s. We can help you find a car finance plan that’s convenient and manageable.
  • Drive Home Happy – Once you’ve been approved and all the paperwork has been processed, it’s time to drive home happy in your new ride. We’ve worked with customers from all backgrounds across the UK. Put our car financing expertise to work for you today!

Do You Offer Car Finance Deals for People With Bad Credit?

Even if you have had difficulty getting approved for a car loan in the past, let us help. Our car finance experts in Wellington will work hard to help you obtain the financing with the best monthly payments for your budget. Our approval process is quick and easy, letting you know within minutes how much you’ve been approved for and what the most competitive interest rates are within the region. At Westpark Direct, our mission is to help you find the most affordable car finance deal possible. Browse past customer reviews to see how we’ve helped countless others with stress-free car shopping.

Affordable Used Car Pricing & Financing Packages in Somerset

Would you like to learn more about how Westpark Direct helps secure used car finance deals in Taunton, Somerset? Contact us today with any enquiries about our affordable used car pricing and financing packages. You can find our dealership in the Westpark Business Park, just off the M5’s Junction 26. We’re open Monday through Saturday and Sundays by appointment only. Come see us!

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